Requirements for Express-Delivery for PC PS4/PS5 and XBOX

If you buy a product on our Website it will done within the usual delivery time, The usual delivery times can be found on the respective product pages.
If you need express delivery you can book it in addition on the product page. There are several options, which differ from product to product. If you dont book express delivery, usual delivery time counts. 

An Express-Delivery order guarantees delivery of your product within the choosen Express-time. However, this does not apply on Sundays and public holidays. For instance: If you order a product at 7pm on saturday evening with 12h express delivery, the 12h will be expanded, so you'll get your order no later than 7am on Monday. If we fail to deliver on time you will get an ingame bonus as far as its applicable for the purchases product. If the express-delivery comes late and bonus hasn't been applied to your account you can contact our support team with your ordernumber to claim your bonus. Providing us with the wrong login information will delay the express time frame until you give us your right details. In the event of a work interruption by the customer, the express delivery period only applies as soon as we have received a message from the customer that the customer is not interfering with the process.

If express delivery is selected, but the order is delivered too late, the following compensation options are available:
- In-game Bonus (As far as possible) on request from support
- Shop voucher in the value of paid express- delivery on request from the support (The voucher can be used once).

No right to compensation for express delivery if:

- You have a banned account
- No demonstrably booked express delivery.
- It is a further order than the one for which the complaint was requested.
- A case was opened with PayPal (and other payment providers).
- Processing the order was not possible because the customer interrupted the work process.
- Processing the order was not possible because the customer entered incorrect login data
- An order has been placed, but it is not possible to deliver because unforeseen errors such as updates have occurred.
- It was / is not possible for us (for security reasons) to complete the order in the express delivery time.
- The deadline for the order was on Sundays and public holidays.
- The implementation was not possible due to force majeure.

These insurances are voluntary, legal recourse is excluded.