Account insurance requirements for PC, PS4/PS5 for GTA 5 Online

If you order a GTA 5 Online product (PC: Unlock-All, Unlock-All Accounts, Account Boost | PS4: Account Boost) over a value of 30? from us, the account insurance is included. If the value of your order is less than 30?, you can order account insurance as an option. There are several different types of insurance: 


  • Lite - 14 days insured 4,95?
  • Standard - 30 days insured 9,95? (from 30? order value included)
  • Plus - 180 days insured 19.95?


  • Standard - 30 days insured (included)
  • Plus - 180 days insured 8.95?

Orders are only carried out when it is safe to do so. If there is a time when it is not safe, which rarely happens, the customer will be contacted. Account insurance cannot protect you from being banned, it only ensures that if you are banned you will receive a replacement/new account.

What to do in the event of a ban?
Should a ban nevertheless occur, which can be proven to have been caused by SebiMoDz, the customer will have his account restored after a 30-day ban, i.e. levels, money and unlocks will be added again. If the account is permanently banned, the customer will receive a new account from us (SebiMoDz). The new account will contain at least the level and money criteria of the old, banned account. After successful consultation with our support in case of a permanent ban, the customer will receive his new account within 1 - 7 days to his e-mail address. In the case of a 30-day ban or a permanent ban, the money will not be refunded.
In order to claim insurance, no hacks/menus/modifications in the form of graphic changes or map changes or other changes that are against the GTA V guidelines may have been made. 

The account insurances do not apply if:

- A ban was caused through personal fault.
- No confirmed purchase has been made with us (SebiMoDz).
- It is a different account than the one specified when the order was placed.
- The money was refunded.
- A case was opened with PayPal (and other payment providers).
- The application was submitted too late (after the number of days prescribed in the package).
- It is currently (for security reasons) not possible for us to create new accounts or provide a service.

These insurances are voluntary, legal recourse is excluded.