Modern Warfare 2 - Longshot Bot Lobbies


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With Longshot Bot Lobbies you can specifically complete the Longshot Weapon Challenges and also level up and unlock All Camos, Weapon Advance and K/D.

A longshot bot lobby is hosted by our consoles 24/7. You will be invited to the lobby by us where about 10-11 bots of us are standing around AFK all the time.

The Longshot lobbies are hosted legitimately and publicly as matches, which means there is no risk of banning and the lobbies are safe. All challanges earned during the time in weapons, camos, level, weapon XP, rank XP and K/D will be saved as progress in the multiplayer!

We don't need any login data from you, we only need your Activision ID. Then you will receive an email from us where we will invite you to the Longshot Lobby. Please be sure that you have crossplay enabled.


What does the Longshot Bot Lobby include?

- Leveling and unlocking weapons

- Unlock and complete Camo Challenges

- Get up to 100+ kills per lobby (less than a normal lobby because longshots don't go as fast)

- The lobby is online for 10 - 15 minutes

- Fast high leveling

- Reach prestige faster

- Improve your K/D

- Unlock the best business cards